My1Lab is a collaborative Genomics Marketplace, contributing towards furthering the goals, efforts, and results of genomics initiatives worldwide. Reaching out to individuals, and patients to offer the best, unbiased, and highest quality of care through it's P4 model... Precision, Personalized, Prediction, and Proactive! Contributing to shape the healthcare marketplace to a level where each patient and caregiver is able to access genetic information, to make evidence based clinical decisions.

Why choose us?

  1. INTEGRATED and SCALABLE model for the world of Genomics

    My1Lab is a multi-dimensional service company that focuses on providing seamless genomics services to the end-user patients, at the same time enabling the healthcare stakeholders/providers an easy, integrated and scalable platform. We are aiming at Building and INTEGRATED and SCALABLE model for the world of Genomics, enabling a service platform for healthcare stakeholders and patients to provide a seamless & personalized care management.

  2. Deliver personalized care for the patients

    Simply put… we are connecting the dots between all the stakeholders! To deliver personalized care for the patients.
    Our model was developed to overcome current issues and challenges... Our goal is to create education, awareness, and outreach to all the patients and individuals for the importance of knowing the impact of your genetic makeup to your treatment therapies and well-being.

  3. Our Objectives are

    Reduce Adverse Events and drug-drug interactions
    Improve precision medicine outcomes, and improve clinical utility for genomics
    Reduce treatment trial and errors, and empower healthcare professional with information to support clinical decisions
    Improve clinical effectiveness