What is My1Lab P4 Platform

Yes! Your genetic makeup determines how your body responds and reacts to drugs, and even certain environmental factors. It is now increasingly popular to know your blue print to ensure you have precision and personalized treatment to predict and manage your well-being proactively (P4), and above all minimize trial-and-error treatment, adverse events, and drug-drug interactions.

Remember, didn’t we all tried certain drugs… that did not work! And then we tried something else… and maybe got some results, but not to expected or needed levels. At times, we had adverse events! We can now STOP the trial and error and experimenting on your body. You should ask your care giver if THEY know YOUR genetic makeup before you are put though any treatment plan! Genomics provides real evidence to your doctors to assist in evidence based Clinical Decision Making

NOTE: Not every drugs and genes are covered in these testing. However, most common and critical drugs used to treat some major diseases are covered. Coverage related details are available in below links and can also be discussed with a genetic counselor. The above is also referred to as “Clinical Coverage”.

In addition, some healthcare practitioners may need to understand the “Clinical Utility/Evidence”, which means they need to have strong and robust evidence that the results are fully accurate. These tests are based on industry based guidelines, that require certain level of quality, analysis, accuracy, repeatability, and above all ethical practices to support that.

START HERE! See below links that provides you simple information about genomics tests, and feel free to schedule an appointment with our genetic counselors, physicians, or other care team. See how it will benefit you…

DISCLAIMER – Not all tests are covered by your health insurance, as these tests include large number of genes (called as panels). However, there are single gene tests, that if required by your doctor for a certain condition to determine the drug therapy – may be covered by your health insurance. Speak to a genetic counselor to know more.

Lastly, the FUTURE of genomics is that every individual is aware of their genetics make up for a healthy lifestyle, and make favorable choices. The genomics research has made strides to includes the coverage, and utility and constantly producing more results to support adoption and expansion. Where EACH patient and their doctors KNOWs the patients genetic make-up before starting on ay treatment therapy. Avoiding trial and errors, life threatening adverse events, and/or drug-drug interactions.

Areas impacted by pharmacogenomics testing