What does a Pharmacogenomic (PGx) report look like and include?

Current marketedPGx test reports are simplified for any individual to understand, as well as includes details for a licensed healthcare professional.

Components of the Report –

  • DRUG RESPONSE – Indicates how certain drugs will get a response per your Genetic makeup. It is typically indicted as RED, YELLOW and GREEN signal lights, +ve/-ve, or similar indicating icons.

  • Signals
    1. RED is not always bad… howeverit indicates for you and your care provider to surely look at that gene and the drugs impacted that may impact the response and treatment. So, recommending to either adjust the dosing, and/or use an alternative drug for maximum efficacy.

    2. YELLOW indicates to use caution, and verify the genetic response of your body with the intended outcome of the drug response.

    3. GREEN indicatesthat the drug response to that gene is as expected and no caution is needed.

    • DRUG METABOLISM – The Red, Yellow Green indicates the level of drug that can be metabolized. These are indicated as

      1. ULTRA-RAPID Metabolizer – the drug will be metabolized extremely faster… so either look out for NO drug response, or possible toxicity. Always in RED category.

      2. RAPID Metabolizer – the drug will be metabolized much faster than expected… so again, look out for NO drug response, or possible toxicity. Mostly in RED category

      3. Normal Metabolizer– the drug is metabolized at a normal and expected rate. So mostly found in GREEN category.

      4. Poor Metabolizer – Thedrug will be metabolized extremely slowly. Watch out and adjust the dose, or alternative drug to avoid toxicity.